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We are thankful to our users for providing us lots of statistical information so we can make better calculations and let people benefit more from our statistical data. We take this mission serious because we believe what we do is helping people decide whether a website is successful, worths visiting or it is totally trash. We are simply helping people have a preview idea of any website. While we gather info and interpret it from our data sources, we kindly ask our users to share their experiences and impressions on websites. With help of our users, we can develop more understandable, extend graphics and statistics which relies on true sources. This also gives us the opportunity of detecting issues and information which we cannot collect through technology. We are trying to convert data into more readable structures to have a larger target audience. We basicly define our target audience everyone except underage 13. We filter our content to be safe even to children, but we exclude them anyway. Other users, from a professional IT person to anyone who knows how to open a browser and can type Global Domains Site, is welcome. Try a few domains and you will see how it is easy to access all useful information of any website with just one click.


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