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What is Seo?

If we say with just one definition seo is made for placing your website in the internet strongly. Seo has showed your website’s behaviors.

How can I add my website to Comprsite?

If you have a working accesible website, you can easily add it to Comprsite. While you are at Comprsite homepage, click on link on bottom right “Add Url”. Enter your website adress (ex: and click on “Add Url” button.

These steps will simply add your website and related datas to our system and will be visible to everyone. But, in order to have control on any domain, for example if you want to hide your domain from our system, first you should sign in. Then, you need to verify your website in webmaster panel. To verify your website, simply download required file and upload it to your website’s root directory and click verify button on webmaster panel.

How to use Webmaster Tools

If you wish to generate a general report about your Website structure, you can use our Webmaster Tools. Enter domain you would like to have report of and click on Analyse button. Even if website doesn’t exist in our database, it will be automatically added and provide you all information about it.

Webmaster Tools report generally contains info about Website structure, search engine positions and Alexa information. You can check here how many pages of your website indexed on popular search engines such as Google.Com, Yahoo.Com, Bing.Com. You can also check your World rank and how many users do you have from each country here.

How to use Seo Tools

Comprsite provides you most useful tools of Seo to help improve your websites. Click on Seo Tools link on homepage to get a detailed Seo report of your website. Enter your domain and click on Analyse button. Even if your website is not added to our system yet, you still can have a Seo report and get a score. All domains entered in Seo Tools will be automatically added to our system if not exist already.

Your report will generally contain HTML, CSS and JS rules and W3 standards. For example you can check if your title is appropriate, do your images have alt tags and etc. here.

I compared my website but I didn’t understand results.

The aim of comparison page is to compare websites referring to some criterias which have been known as standards of web in time such as pagerank, World rank, index page count, etc. Each site will get a score for their results on each criteria after comparison and scores will determine winner and loser.

Winner website will be displayed at left side with green colors. Loser website will be displayed on the right side with score less than 50%.

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How can I compare my website with another one?

You can easily compare your website with another one on our homepage. In middle section enter 2 domains and click on orange Compare button. All information will automatically collected and compared in a few minutes. You can also compare from site detail page on top left section.

ll criterias have same value when generating reports. Each criteria has own value according to its importance.

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